How to brew Aeropress coffee


A new coffee brewing method using the Aeropress which is essentially a large syringe developed in 2005. Its main advantages are, it is a relatively inexpensive device and is very mobile and can be carried around easily. Fine-ground coffee is placed in the bottom of the larger cylinder on top of a paper microfilter. Hot water 80-85 degrees Celsius is then poured over the coffee; this mixture is stirred for approximately 10 seconds before being forced through the microfilter by pushing the plunger downwards.




The Aeropress ritual


  • Boil the water to 80-85 degrees Celcius.

  • Grind 17g of coffee beans a little finer than medium ground.

  • Soak the filter paper

  • Put the coffee into the Aeropress.

  • Pour in the water until its ¾ full and stir for 10secs

  • Leave to brew for 60secs

  • Place the Aeropress on the cup.

  • Gently push the plunger down steadily taking about 30sec to complete.

  • Dilute with hot water to taste(usually add twice the amount of water to the amount brewed).


We recommend this Aeropress.

Aerobie AeroPress Coffee Maker


A suitable hand grinder for the traveller with an Aeropress.

Hario Coffee Mill Skerton

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