How to brew coffee with a French Press


Boil the kettle and weigh out 7.5g of coffee per 100ml water.

Grind your coffee using a course grind setting.

Pour a little boiled water into the French press and discard to preheat it.

Add the coffee to the French press. Then add half the water and soak for 30secs.

Add the remaining water, stir and leave for 4mins.

Place the plunger on top and plunge. Serve immediately!


Our recommendations for good French press coffee makers


 A 3 cup budget French Press Coffee maker that performs well...

Kitchen Craft Le'Xpress Cafetiere with Glass Jug, 3 Cup, 350ml

An 8 cup budget French Press with a great reputation...

Grunwerg Café Ole 8 Cup Cafetiere Coffee Maker

A good quality 3 cup French Press...

Bodum Brazil Coffee Press, 3 Cup, 0.35l, Lime Green

A good quality 8 cup French Press...

Bodum Brazil Coffee Press, 8 Cup, 1.0 l, 34 oz, Lime Green

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