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An Espresso based coffee drink, made from espresso and steamed milk and topped with a short head of frothed milk. Usually in the ratio of one part espresso to three parts milk, making it creamier than a cappuccino.

A much loved breakfast drink in Southern Europe, traditionally the espresso is brewed in a stove top Moka pot and heated milk and coffee are poured together.

Outside Italy, Latte is typically prepared in a tall glass or cup (250ml). One standard shot of espresso then filled with steamed milk and topped with about 12mm layer of foamed milk.



We recommend these Coffee Machines for making great Lattes at home


A budget Espresso machine that does a good job would be this Delongi coffee machine...

 Delonghi EC152 Pump Espresso Coffee Machine

A good mid-range espresso machine would be this Gaggia coffee machine...

 Gaggia Classic RI8161 Coffee Machine with Professional Filter Holder, Stainless Steel Body

A more expensive Espresso machine would be this Rancilio coffee machine...

Rancilio Silvia V3





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