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Friday, 27 June 2014 14:17

Pod Wars - LIDL vs Nespresso

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On Holidays recently, we brought our coffee machine as we usually do, to guarantee a decent coffee fix when needed. So we unpacked and when arrived and soon the panic set in. Where are the coffee beans? it slowly and painfully dawned on us that we left them behind. Here we were stranded in a remote area and not a coffee bean in sight.

We quickly ransacked the hoilday home, in search of a coffee solution. Soon we uncovered an old Nespresso machine and a few pods. So we were sorted for now, but what about later? We were at least a zillion miles from the nearest "Nespresso boutique"!

Next day we ventured into the local town. It was small village with not much scope for finding some fresh beans. We picked up some items in the local LIDL and "sure you never know", i took a look in the coffee section. There i saw them and smile came to my face. It wasnt as much a smile of great im looking forward to trying theses, it was more a smile of lol two brand names from completely opposite spectrums. LIDL compatible Nespresso Pods! and half the price lol.



What the heck, in the face of my impossible coffee dilema, im gona try these for the hell of it. So I picked up a pack of the Lungo and the Standard and set off home to try them. The packaging is nicely presented, the pod is individually wrapped and inside is a plastic pod with an aluminum seal. Not sure there is any need for individual wrapping as surely the plastic pod and seal are sufficient? So I popped them into the machine and made a lungo and a Nespresso to taste. The freshness is definitely comparable to the Nespresso pod. The flavor of the LIDL lungo being slightly stronger that the Nespresso equivalent is better in my opinion. Its also has a nice sweet finish which adds a little character. The standard LIDL Nespresso shot was not quite as good as the Nespresso arpeggio but if Nespresso was my standard in coffee its definitely a passable alternative on taste. On price, I think its hard to justify the trek to the Nespresso Boutique or the delivery charge for an online order.

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