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Its noisy it’s annoying but that all fades away to that magic aroma of freshly ground coffee. Often over looked but one of the most critical factors in the quality of the end result. Ideally coffee should be ground immediately before use as it begins to oxidise and lose its flavour from the moment its ground.

Coffee needs to be ground to suit the brewing machine you are using.

Course grind – for French Press

Medium grind – for Filter/Drip style coffee machines

Medium-fine –Drip brewers like the Chemex

Fine – for Moka pots

Super fine – for Espresso machines

Turkish – for cezve or ibrik pots

The options for coffee grinding are pre-ground, blade grinder or burr grinder. Well ideally you want a burr grinder but that’s the more expensive option so let’s have a look at the others first.



Well it’s the least favourable option as unfortunately it’s stale. It may be packaged in a nice fancy bag, sealed with a breather valve and proclaimed fresh on the label but unfortunately it’s already stale when you open it. How can it be stale already and how do you know? Well coffee goes stale really fast and months can go by before it makes its way to your kitchen. When you taste a brew, where the coffee is ground and used immediately and compare to the same in pre-ground then you will know that unmistakable stale taste that pre-ground coffee takes on. It’s still an option for the convenience but can be a let down on flavour.





Blade/Mill grinder

This grinder type is inexpensive and will suit most people. It will do the job, course grinding for French Press or medium grind for filter/drip style coffee makers. That’s as far as it will take you as it won’t grind fine enough or consistent enough for espresso coffee.

It works by spinning a metal blade inside the chamber when you press the button on top. The blade essentially chops up the coffee and the only control you have is how long you spin the blade for by pressing the button on top. Trial and error is best to finding a suitable grind for your Coffee machine. It helps to pulse and shake (holding the top on) and repeat until you think you have reached the grind that suits. After a few tries you will settle on what’s perfect for you.


Here are a couple of recommended blade grinders...

 Krups Twin Blade Coffee Mill

 Andrew James Coffee, Nut and Spice Grinder - Powerful 150Watt, Stainless Steel Blades



Burr coffee grinder


Burr grinders

A bit more expensive and less fiddly than the blade grinder but you get what you pay for as the precision of the grind is more uniform and this really shows in the cup with better flavour. They start around 50 euros and can go up into the thousands for ultimate versatility and grind perfection.

The cheaper models typically < 100 euros will work great for French Press, Filter machines and Chemex style brewers. For an acceptable Espresso grind you will have to pay more unfortunately. Home Espresso enthusiasts recommend the Gaggia MDF burr grinder as the most affordable entry level grinder.

Gaggia RI8122/60 MDF Ceramic Burr Coffee Grinder, Black

The Rancilio Rocky has a great reputation and is a great choice to grind for espresso in the mid- range.

Rancilio Rocky

Another good mid- range grinder is the La Pavoni Jolly grinder

La Pavoni Dosato JDL

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