A coffee brewing technique, where a small amount of hot water is forced under pressure, through finely ground, tightly packed coffee. This brewing technique results in 30ml of a thicker and more concentrated flavored brew than a typical cup of coffee and is the base for other coffee drinks such as Latte, cappuccino, mocchiato, Americano and mocha.

The espresso system was developed in and for Cafes. Despite advances in inexpensive home espresso machines, it is still difficult to duplicate the finest espresso or cappuccino in your kitchen or dining room without spending a small fortune.

"People are under the impression that the darker the roast, the better the espresso," said Ernesto Illy, the president of Illycaffe. “When the beans are over roasted, the essential oils that are necessary for good-tasting espresso go up the chimney and you get bitter, burnt-tasting coffee."

It is a delicious indulgence, a small amount--about three tablespoons--of very dark, aromatic, mouth-filling essence of coffee, topped by a layer of very fine, streaky amber foam, or crema. Bitterness is balanced by lively acidity and a hint of mellowness, providing a lingering, satisfying aftertaste.


How to make a great espresso


Our home espresso machine recommendations


A budget Espresso machine that does a good job would be this Delongi coffee machine...

 Delonghi EC152 Pump Espresso Coffee Machine

A good mid-range espresso machine would be this Gaggia coffee machine...

 Gaggia Classic RI8161 Coffee Machine with Professional Filter Holder, Stainless Steel Body

A more expensive Espresso machine would be this Rancilio coffee machine...

Rancilio Silvia V3

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