Cleaning and caring for my coffee Machine


Even the best coffee machines need routine cleaning, regardless of how much you invest in your equipment or claims from salespeople.

The water used for brewing will always have impurities, the coffee will inevitably leave its oils and residues in the machine and the milk frothing system will also need attention.





For a manual Espresso machine



  • Wash the portafilter, soapy water should suffice.

  • Purge the steam wand and wipe clean with a damp cloth.

  • Scrub the shower screen and the portafilter seal with a cleaning brush and purge.

  • Rinse the drain under the tap.


Weekly heavy use or monthly light use

  • Soak the portafilter and shower screen in suitable cleaning solution.

  • Back flush by placing a blank disk into the portafilter, fit it to the group head and ten 5 second pulses of the pump.

  • Clean the drain with a brush and soapy water.

  • Descale by dissolving a descaling tablet in usually 1litre of water and run it through the machine.


For a Bean to cup machine

Bean to cup coffee machines usually come with recommendations from the manufacturer so its worth checking the user manual first. They are also usually pre-programmed to tell you what to do and will guide you through the process.

In brief to cover what is usually required on a monthly basis.

  • Descale, dissolve a descaling tablet in 1litre of water in the water reservoir. Flush the water through the system by dispensing in parts over a 5 minute period. Followed by half a litre of fresh water to ensure all the descale solution is gone from the machine.
  • Cleaning internals, place a cleaning tablet into the pre-ground coffee shoot. Dispense a litre of water through the machine, some of which should be dispensed to the drain if possible.
  • Clean the drain with soapy water and a brush.
  • Some machines are cleverly designed so the brew unit can be removed and rinsed thoroughly under a hot tap. Dry off with a dishcloth before reinstall.



Suitable Descaling solutions...

Bosch Decalcifying Tablets for Coffee Machines and Kettles, 6 Tablets

Gaggia Descaler Decalcifier

Suitable cleaning tablets...

 Bosch Cleaning Tablets for Fully Automatic Coffee Machines and Thermoflasks, 10 Tablets

Gaggia Coffee Coffee Cleaning Tablets

Shower screen cleaning brushs...

Espresso Coffee Machine Group Head Cleaning Brush





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