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Tuesday, 21 May 2013 13:59

Modern Italian Coffee Culture

Coffee is a huge part of Italian culture. Most people know that Italians love their coffee. In fact, coffee is a basic necessity for the Italian folks. There is an Italian version of the hit TV show “Survivor.” It is much like the one in the United States where the contestants are stranded on a deserted island and left with only the very basic necessities. However, their very basic necessities consist of items needed to make an espresso.


It is strange because you can take away their cell phones and even their famed Italian dishes but you cannot take away their coffee. Their love for coffee is evident in the sheer number of café bars that are located throughout Italy. Locals are serious about their coffee. In fact, if you want to start an argument between two locals, just ask each one how a perfect cup of espresso is made.


There are things that remain true in modern Italian coffee culture though. You only drink a milky form of coffee such as a cappuccino in the morning and never after you finishing eating a meal. Italians do not like hot milk on a full stomach. You don’t use the word espresso in Italy either. It is known as un café. Espresso is a technical term in Italy and not an everyday word.


When ordering a coffee, it should be served at a temperature so that is can be cooled down quickly. Coffee is not served so hot that it will burn your lips. Also it is customary to stand when drinking your coffee. Coffee is a pleasure and should be enjoyed while standing up.


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