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Coffee: facts and fabels!

Coffee: facts and fables!


Fact: Decaf contains caffeine!

For Decaf, the caffeine is removed from the beans before roasting. Caffeine contains no flavor. The beans used are the same as for regular coffee. Coffee gets its flavor from roasting. Decaf still contains 3mg of caffeine per cup. Regular coffee contains 80 mg per cup.


Fable: Every coffee grind has the same effect!

For a gorgeous cup of coffee the flavours and aromas have to go into the water, the bittery substances have to stay behind. For that reason each coffee making method needs a different grind. In general: the shorter the contact between water and coffee the finer the grind. For a cafeteria you need a coarse grind because the coffee needs to stand in the hot water for at least 2 minutes. Filter coffee needs a medium grind. The coffee in coffee pads is slightly finer because the water passes through fast. Ground espresso coffee is superfine. The water is pressed through the coffee under high pressure, so coffee and water only meet for very short time.


Fact: Coffee becomes bitter after a while!

After a while coffee becomes bitter because the "bitter particles" dissolve and the aromas lose their power. This process goes faster at higher temperatures.


Fable: Drinking coffee increases the risk of heart and diseases of the artries

Unfiltered or cooked coffee - like Turkish, Greek or coffee from a cafeteria - can higher the cholesterol in the blood. This is because with these coffee making methods, the fats in the coffee are not filtered out. Regular use of filter coffee or espresso (3 - 5 cups a day) does not increase the risk of high blood pressure or cholesterol.


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