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Tuesday, 25 June 2013 14:34

Coffee tasting and flavors

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All fine foods like wine, chocolate, smoked salmon and truffle please the palate with their complex flavor profiles. Sometimes it hard to understand, pinpoint or even explain the flavors that give us "that" great taste experience. A good quality coffee can be considered a fine food as it stimulates the palate with its unique balance of bitter, sweet, sour, salt and umami. All the major coffee regions of the world have their own unique flavor charachteristics to be enjoyed.


An experienced Coffee taster or "Cupper" will sniff the aroma first and then slurp the coffee, into the mouth. The coffee is then swirled around the mouth and tongue for maximum coverage. The taster finally experiences the mouthfeel the aromas and a full tasting experience of the flavors.


Often the tasting expert will consentrate on the body, the balance, the sweetness and the acidity. The body can be discribed as the heaviness of the mouthfeel and the potency of the base flavors. The balance is how harmonised the flavors are and how well they work together. The acidity refers to the bright fresh zingy charachteristic of the coffee.


Professional coffee tasters use the "Coffee wheel". The Coffee wheel is actually an adaptation of the "Wine wheel", that wine tasters used, to chart flavor charachteristic profiles.


Here are some of the flavor charachteristics commonly used to discribe how coffee tastes.


Bright - light, acidic, fresh and fruity.

Earthy - wholesome, spicey, natural and reminicent of earth. Typical of Sumatran coffee.

Caramel - a syrupy sweetness typical of Columbian coffee.

Chocolate - rich chocolately flavor usually in the finish.

Smokey - a flavor enhanced by roasting in Indian and Indonesian coffee.

Citrous - citrus fruity notes. Winey - a deep rich flavor of wine common to Kenyan coffee.

Spicey - notes reminicent of coriander, cumin and pepper in Indian coffee.

Nutty - a flavor of nuts in south american coffee.

Fragrant - floral, spicey earthy aroma from bolder coffes of Africa Indian and Indonesia.

Clean - no undesirable flavors or aromas.

Complex - having many layers of flavor and aroma.

Crisp - a plesent acidity.


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