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Wednesday, 29 May 2013 14:33

Choosing a Coffee to suit your taste

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The French like it dark, strong and smokey. The Italians and Spanish like it roasted to medium, where the coffees natural inherent subtleties shine over the sweet bitter roasting flavours. Americans like to add cream and sugar to their lightly roasted coffee. Swiss and Germans like to add hot chocolate to it. In Ethiopia its taken with a pinch of salt! Wherever you are in the world, local preferences are very different for this versatile commodity.


Coffee flavours are as diverse as the parts of the world they come from. In a general sense each of the major coffee regions of the world, have their distinctive flavour profile which is determined mostly by the regional ecology. A coffee from Indonesia will have characteristics that are very different to a coffee from South America. Soil composition, shelter, elevation, precipitation and favoured varieties of the region, all contribute to the uniqueness.


To simplify the major coffee growing regions of the world, we can divide them into three groups. African and Middle Eastern, Central and South American and lastly, Indonesian.


  • African and Middle Eastern coffees are distinguished by their syrupy wine, floral and berry like flavours, medium bodied with medium acidity.
  • Central and South American coffees have a bright crisp mouthful, citrus fruits, nutty and chocolate sweetness, with light body and moderate to high acidity.
  • Indonesian coffees are rich spicey and earthy, syrupy and heavy bodied sweetness with mild acidity.


Coffee tasting is akin to wine tasting, as it offers a similar complex challenge to the palate and hence can be just as rewarding! Professional Coffee tasters or "cuppers" adapted wine tasting charts to score and chart coffee qualities. Traditional Coffee scoring charts were just not comprehensive enough. 


People tend to find a coffee they love and stick to it. There is certainly a case for trying something new every once in a while. There is a world of coffee out there to be discovered, that's a rewarding journey, well worth taking.



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