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Sunday, 12 May 2013 17:15

How to keep your coffee fresh

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Like all organic matter, coffee decomposes. It takes four weeks for coffee to degrade past its best flavor profile. The rate of decomposition depends on its exposure to energy. Light, heat, moisture and oxidization are the villains that must be protected against.


Scientific research points to cool temperature, airtight and darkness as the ultimate protectors of freshness. So when you open that pack of premium fresh coffee, its best to get it into an airtight ceramic or glass jar, asap. A cool spot in a press or the fridge is preferable, away from light and heat sources. Whole Coffee beans are always preferable to Ground coffee. After grinding, the surface area of the coffee is much increased making it much more sensitive to energy.


Good arguments are made for Freezing coffee, as it does stop the chemical decomposition. When frozen coffee defrosts, the temperature change causes it to go stale faster. Condensation forms on the surface of the beans which will cause further degradation of flavor. So unfortunately, freezing is not such a good idea!

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