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Tassimo - Bosch T40 TAS4011GB Coffee Maker

TASSIMO Intellibrew™ technology ensures that each sip is perfect in every way. Whether it's an energising espresso, a revitalising herbal tea or a creamy hot chocolate, TASSIMO prepares every drink individually at the touch of a button - for the most delicious results.

The machine automatically scans the barcode on each T DISC to obtain the information it needs to prepare your favourite drink: the amount of water, the brewing time, plus the optimum temperature. TASSIMO does all the work, giving you the time to enjoy special moments throughout your day."

Tassimo in brief

A large range of main brand manufacturers make T-discs for the Tassimo system. Kenco, Carte Noire, Twinnings, Milka, Cadbury and Costa to name but a few. Tassimo coffee machines are made by Bosch the quality german manufacturer.T-discs are widely available. Tassimo coffee machines use Cutting edge technology - Intelliobrew, Brita Maxtra water filtration, LC displays, 1 touch operation, auto cleaning and descaling, energy saving features, fast heat up times and operation, cup stand light.

Good things customers have to say

The different coffees I have tried so far are LUSH!! The Caramel was to die for! The Capuccino went down a treat with my Mum and even my Brother muttered a Mmmmmmmmmm thats nice!! This machine really doesnt have any bad points! Maintainance is relatively low, I have owned mine for about 1 1/2 years now, and have only descaled it once. The cleaning disc supplied can be used between different types of drink if required, to reduce taste contamination. Disassembly of the nozzle for further cleaning is a little tricky and fiddly to clean at first, but once you have got the hang of it, can easily be put in the dishwasher. Easy to use coffee machine at a good price, and the T-discs aren't too expensive if you shop around. I bought this for my husbands birthday in September 2013 and he's been using it on a daily bases since, he loves it. We buy the refills at the supermarket (whatever they have on offer) and he plays around adding his own twist to the coffee, such as warming half a cup of milk in the microwave first and then adding the coffee so he doesn't but extra milk capsules or he adds some caramel ice cream sauce to the coffee for a caramel coffee, he just loves experimenting and drinking his coffee! Highly recommend.


Bad things customers have to say

- Fairly small size of water tank - A bit fiddly to clean - Quite noisy.
Cost of consumables, although it advertises HOT it isn't really as hot as I would have liked once it brews. You have to drink it as soon as it is ready. The servings are small but I am getting used to that. Love the hot chocolates, though. I am not an eco-warrior but the amount of packaging for the pods is outrageous. When deciding on which model to purchase I discovered that all models are virtually the same, especially in regard to the drink produced. My issue is that I am a fussy espresso drinker, and thought this would be acceptable as an office coffee machine. I don't expect it to be great but I thought for the times I'm too busy to pop out it would suffice. The coffee has a slightly odd taste to it, maybe due to the plastic disc that contains the coffee. Also it's not very strong for my liking even though it claims to be espresso.


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