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Dolce Gusto


What Nestle say -

There is an art to creating great tasting coffee. Our NESCAFÉ® Dolce Gusto® pods and

machines are designed to make sure every sip you take of our delicious drinks oozes quality and

style. From our bold espressos, to indulgent hot chocolates and frothy latte macchiatos, this is

coffee that will amaze your tastebuds, transporting you to your favourite coffee shop from your

living room. With a maximum 15 bar pump pressure, our machines aren’t just stylish. They have

the right amount ofoomph to create a variety of flavours.with two leading coffee machine experts,

KRUPS and De’Longhi. Using their expertise and our coffee knowledge we made sure that with

NESCAFÉ® Dolce Gusto® you can create masterpieces every day.


Dolce Gusto In brief -

A Nestle coffee system. Krups and De'longi coffee machine manufacturers. Neslte pods.


The good things customes have to say

We've toyed with buying one of these coffee machines for a while. Having had the filter machines

then falling back to a simple cafetiere. This comes over as the entry level machine and at around

£55 (when on offer). It is well worth the money. Easy to use, nice and quick and clean.

It's also not much bigger than a normal kettle so takes up very little space and can be left out

for easy use. I'd advise taking care with the plastic water holder on the back that you have

to remove to fill as it's probably the only bit of the machine you might chance breaking.

Other than that it's nice and sturdy.


This little machine is fantastic. It's compact so takes up very little space on the worktop,
it's incredibly easy to use and very stylish. It's very easy to keep clean, there isn't anything
that can get clogged up or yucky and there are no messy coffee grounds to dispose of - you simply
eject the used pod and bin it.


The pods costs around £3.50 for a box of 8 if you choose milky types like Cappucino or 16 pods

if you go for Espresso type drinks at the same price so each cup works out to around 43p for

a Cappucino or latte or just over 20p for an Espresso or Americana.A christmas present for my

wife, I can honestly say there was a lot of umming and arring whether she would like it or not.

On the day of opening, I was given a dirty look when I told her it was a coffee machine (as she

thought it made regular coffee), when I further explained it makes many types of

'speciality coffee' she was over the moon.



The bad things customes have to say

The water tank doesn't hold much so needs filled often. The milk is slightly sweetened which

isn't to everyone's taste (although this seems to be the case for other brands as well). Disappointed

that there is only one type of coffee pod available in decaffeinated, Cafe Lungo.

Come on Nescafe, why don't you do the whole range for those of us who can't take caffeine?!

It took some time to follow the picture instructions...but that may just be my technophobia.
Liked the stylish appearance and compact size. I'm not that overwhelmed by the coffee making

qualities or the ecological implications of using this machine. First off..I'm more a two mugs

of real coffee in the morning kinda guy. Usually using a cafitiere. I can't drink instant stuff!

The pods supplied with this machine provide a small cup of rather vapid bland coffee which

doesn't seem that far removed from the taste of instant ?

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