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De'Longhi Magnifica ESAM4200 15-Bar Bean to Cup Espresso/Cappuccino Maker


A flagship Bean to cup Coffee Machine in the De'Longi range. Its in the £250 - £300 price point range, so its an entry level machine. Its the market leader in its range by a mile but there is not much competition. When spending this amount of money the customer still expects it do what it says on the tin and we can confirm it does indeed deliver on its promise. We recently acquired one to sample and test. Lets have a look at the good and bad points.

The Good Points

The quality of the end result coffee in the cup is very good and comparable to much higher priced machines. It does miss some of the falvour profile of a higher priced machine but to be fair its not so noticeable.

The coffee strenght adjustment knob is a big winner. this feature alows you to accurately adjust the strength of your coffee. A feature that is missing from many more expensive machines.

Maintaining this machine in good order is relatively easy and intuatative but you really do need to read the manual. The bean grinding and noise of operation is appropriate. The water resevoir and bean hopper are easily filled but it is advisable to keep it close to your sink. The frothing tool works well. 75% of customers repost they are happy with there purcahse. This a lot for a coffee machine!


The Bad points

It looks well but it is a bit "plasticky". The brew unit is a bit "over fiddly". The cleaning routine for this machine is not so obvious and it is necessary to refer to the manual. So if your not a little bit handy with gadgets it might be a bit beyond you. Some customers have reported longevity issues.


What customers say about this machine -  the good

"this machine deserves every good word said about it. I have owned one for 3.5 years now, and it's still going strong. So if reliability is what has you sitting on the fence, jump off and buy one"

"The temperature of the coffee is spot on - you can adjust how hot you want the coffee (read the manual). As others have said pull the spout as far into the cup as possible to preserve the crema layer which is excellent (sugar will float on top)."

"Although the Amazon price is much less than the list price, it's still a bit of a luxury to me, but it's really great to have decent coffee on demand, and a good, enjoyable cup every time."

"the experience of phoning DeLonghi was an utter delight. The lady there told me to run the frother attachment for a while, and lo and behold it's fixed and, after three years of near daily use, seems to be back to being as good as new"


Bad things customers have to say

"Had no problems with it until I had owned it two years, one week - it just stopped working. Contacted Amazon (two year guarantee) and they were not helpful (very unusual) Contacted DeLonghi and they accepted that I could return it to their service centre for repair.....I thought 'brilliant" I have had this machine just about 3 years. It makes reasonabley good coffee but is unreliable.
The first problem was beans sticking in the top where they enter the grinder after 15 months. I contacted De'Longhi who suggested it was stones in the beans and I should send it back but the postage was too high"

Overall our verdict is this Bean to Cup coffee machine is a very good purchace and well serve you well!


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